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what is this stuff??? September 22, 2012

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mom, what is that?

no, seriously, what is it?!?!


Ok, I’ll give it a try…

oh mom, yuck!

ok, one more time…


How about we try again tomorrow?


weekend of firsts September 19, 2012

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Cora had such a busy weekend and I think she has been sleeping extra all week to make up for it!

Her papaw Bruce came in to visit and she had lots of fun playing with him and listening to his music.

Her first visit with Uncle Jimmy checking her eyes and she did so good!

Her first family reunion.

Sitting high on daddy’s shoulders for the first time.  The view from up there was great!

Holding her bottle all by herself, acting like a big girl.

{please, stop growing up so fast!}

One of her new favorite toys, the butterfly.

I’m not taking a moment for granted with this little one. 

I know how blessed we are to have Cora as our daughter. 


4 months young September 11, 2012

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Believe it or not, this little love is 4 months young today!

She is amazing and brings us so much joy every moment.

{be still my heart}

Cora loves to slobber, taste her fists, stare/smile/laugh at herself in the mirror, cuddle with her mommy, and giggle with her daddy.

{naps are good too!}

{cute little nose}

She is a pro at standing up tall, grabbing her toys, chugging down her bottle, and melting hearts everywhere.


{pretty smile}

{mommy is so silly}

Happy 4 months, Cora.  You are so loved.


1 month home August 20, 2012

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Our sweet little baby girl has been home for 1 month! 

To celebrate, Cora rolled over 3 times today {belly to back},

had a few bottles,

took a nice long nap,

slobbered and spit up,

went shopping with her mommy,

and took lots of 1 month home pictures! 

We love this little bit more than we could ever say, she is such a joy.


Family, Friends, & Showers August 16, 2012

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Cora has had such a busy little life since we have excitedly welcomed her into our family.  She has met so many new people and been passed from loving arms to loving arms over and over again.  We are home now, resting, settling into our new normal and giving our precious gift lots of kisses and love. 

Papaw Bruce flew in all the way from Texas!

We started missing him as soon as he left.

4 baby showers.  We have been ‘showered’ 🙂 with lots of sweet and loving friends and family who have given so much.

At work:

At church:

and 2 with family:

best. onesie. ever.


Cora Hope and Hopie

I love my family.

lots of balloons

up they go!

Thanks for the great shower girls!

Meeting Aunt Heather.

loving on Aunt Jenny.

finally Cora got to meet her Grandma J and Papa D

Uncle D

Sweet cousinsAunt Dawn found Cora’s ticklish spot!

Grandma Sandie

A fun game!

Such a GREAT shower!


a name July 31, 2012

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Cora – a young maiden

Also, a family name that I just love.


Hope – one who has expectations through faith

Another family name with a meaning that is so fitting for our precious daughter.

ImageProverbs 13:12
“Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a desire fulfilled is a tree of life.”




Cora July 21, 2012

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After almost 6 years of marriage and after beginning our adoption process in January of 2011,
we are proud to annouce we have a beautiful, sweet little girl! 
Introducing Cora Hope!

Monday July 9th at about 8:30 AM I received a call (THE call) on my phone from our social worker asking me to pull up my email.  I asked her if I was going to have a heart attack and she sweetly said yes 🙂 

I opened up the email and inside it said, Cora Hope (a name Mike and I choose) and had an adorable little picture of our daughter.

We have spent the last two weeks trying to get our home ready for our little girl and trying to spend as much time with her as possible.  I had been praying for months that our child would bond easliy with us and that she would be a happy baby (among other things).  I truly believe God has answered my prayers – in more ways than one – she has been so content with us and has been such a joy in our life, she really is a happy little one.

Cora came home July 20, 2012.  It was a very emotional day, signing paperwork, holding Cora and knowing she was going home with us, forever.  The family Cora stayed with were amazing people.  They cherished Cora as they would one of their own and it is evident how much she was cared for and loved.


We give all praise to our faithful God, Who has loved us so tenderly during these long years of waiting to be parents.